June 21, 2008

Investing for the Long Term

All of us look at situations every day and make decisions. Some times they are easy, and some times they are tough. There is unfortunately no “guide book” that comes with life.

Investing for your retirement is almost always a very smart decision. How to invest for your retirement though can be a bit tricky.

First, the market does not go up every day, but the decision to invest should not be a daily decision. These contributions are for 10, 20, 30, or more years down the line, and any short term loss will have plenty of opportunity to increase dramatically.

The main thing to do is simply stay diversified. Read any book on investing, and it will say it. Talk to any advisor, and they will hopefully say it.

There are very few times that one day can make or break you. Whether the market is up or down, continue investing. Never try to time the market.

Do not stop your 403(b) contributions or any other automatic investments. Watch your allocations and stay diversified.

Someone is always making money in the market… up or down. The right move is to stay the course, be deliberate in your decisions, and get help when needed.

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