July 22, 2008

Getting Back to Work - Salary, Insurance, Retirement

My wife and I have been traveling for the past few weekends, so I am very sorry that I have not been around to post more information regarding your educators retirement. I guess it is time to get back to work...

Since I am getting back in the swing of this blog, I know that all of the educators are too. My wife has been busy gathering some materials together for some leadership lesson plans. As she says, it is much easier to get it done now on her time frame than trying to get it done once school starts and she is swamped!

Before you get back to work, check the following items:
  • Salary - Are you getting paid on the right schedule? Check the schedule from the HR department with your experience and degrees.
  • Insurance - Make sure you have the right insurance set up - single or family? PPO, HMO, etc.? High option or standard?
  • Retirement - Where are you in number of years? How many years left? Are you vested? You should be able to see where you are with your pension. Also, do you have a 403(b)? Should you increase your contributions? Are you in the right investments?
Get these things done now before the school year starts, and your first few weeks will be so much easier.

Good luck and keep the e-mails coming!

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