August 5, 2008

Countdown Till School Starts - Gather Your Items To Make Decisions

I know how swamped my wife is this week, so I will make today's blog very brief.

Gather your items (paychecks, 403(b) statements, TRS statements, GRS statements, etc.) in one place now. If you do it now, it will not be as big of a headache when you are running around next week when the kids get back to school.

What you are essentially trying to do is get all of the information together regarding your retirement in one place, so when you want to analyze it, discuss it, or just dream about it, you have it to refer to without spending hours looking for it.

On Wednesday, I will be posting a blog about some of the differences in the various companies that you can have a 403(b) from here in Gwinnett County. These are all big firms, so for the most part, any other county may be using some or all of these same firms.

Good luck this week with pre-planning, and check back Wednesday to see some of the differences between the companies.

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