January 27, 2011

Where Do We Go from Here?

I always find it interesting the emails that I receive from my "little" blog. What started as a way to help some friends has grown more than I ever thought it would.

I have received questions regarding pensions from 39 states, more WEP/GPO questions and comments than I can ever count, numerous inquiries about retirement accounts and investments, and various other subjects that range from personal to the implausible. Honestly, I really do read each and every email and try to answer them or direct them to someone who can.

I have covered many subjects on retirement accounts (403b, 457, 401k, etc.), and I can only say "save" so many times, so I have tried to answer those questions individually. If you want to see what I have written before on the subject simply use the search feature on the blog (even I do).

So, I have been gathering a few emails that mentioned topics for me to cover, and I think I will start there:
  • Investment Options for 2011 - It seems that a number of people have liked my breakdowns in previous years of the investment options for 403(b) plans, so that will be covered first.
  • Pension Options - The PLOP Discussed - I have received a few questions about the PLOP option available under the TRS of Georgia plan.
  • How Well is Georgia's TRS Plan Funded? - Numerous news articles have been highlighting the issues of pensions around the nation, so I will discuss Georgia's own TRS plan.
  • A Suggestion for Employers of (Georgia's) Educators - After talking to numerous educators over the years at various stages of their employment and retirement, I have a suggestion to pass along.
  • Arguments FOR the WEP/GPO - I can already feel my inbox filling up after this one, but unless you know the arguments for the WEP/GPO, can you really argue intelligently against it? Before I even start... I am against the WEP/GPO in almost every case.
Ok, the above is my game plan for future posts, so if your subject isn't covered, let me know. I will try to work on it individually or down the line for everyone.

Thanks for your comments, suggestions, and questions, and I wish you all only the best.

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