February 11, 2016

An Update on What I Have Been Doing

First, thank you for all of the emails. I always enjoy hearing from my readers whether it is a question, some news or an update, or simply to say hello. When you write a blog and post it, sometimes you have no idea if people actually read it, or if you are just posting something that no one ever sees – so thank you.

I was surprised by the number of emails that I received that simply wanted to know how I was doing. Really surprised.

I am doing very, very well and feel fortunate to have a great professional and personal life. I believe the last “personal” update from me was part of a post I wrote in August 2014 (Are You Ready for Life’s Changes?). I will not rehash everything told in that post, so since then, Danielle and I were blessed to have another child – Patrick Reid (September 28, 2015). I can hear the chuckles already… a 24 month old and a 4 month old… Sleep is a very rare commodity.

Below are some pictures from Caroline’s birthday two weeks ago, so please enjoy.

The Birthday Girl - Caroline

Reid and Dad

Happy Parents - Danielle and Robby

I hope all of you are doing just as well, so please let me know - rschultz@rollinsfinancial.com.

All the best,

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